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1 To develop and manage solutions through IT, carry out software development for clients (all types of program and application development including Android & Web application, other applications and operating system), software implementation services, software maintenance, software training, software documentation, software product development / maintenance, software conversion i.e. rightsizing and downsizing, systems integration services, multimedia software and other services.

2 To establish and run data processing centers, computer centers, software development centers, offices and to provide consultancy and data processing software development services, both application packages and operating systems and other services, and to impart training of electronic data processing, computer software and hardware to customers and others and to buy, sell, export, import of software, hardware and establishment of incidental infrastructural facilities, subject to permission of relevant authorities.

3 To provide or take up Information technology related assignments, offering services on-site/ offsite or through development centers, providing solutions/ packages/ services, to undertake IT enabled services like call center management, data processing, accounting, HR and payroll processing, data warehousing and database management.

4 To carry on the business of manufacturing, dealing and maintenance of computer hardware, computer systems and assemble data processors, program designs and to buy, sell or otherwise deal in such hardware and software packages and all types of tabulating machine, accounting machines, calculators, computerized telecommunication systems and network, their components, spare parts, equipment and devices and to offer equipment, solutions and services for networking and network management, data centre management and in providing consultancy and advisory services in all above mentioned areas.